Wednesday, 27 September 2017

EDUCATION AND NEWS NAIJA: Man killed for killing herdsmen cow to celebrate N...

EDUCATION AND NEWS NAIJA: Man killed for killing herdsmen cow to celebrate N...: Man killed for killing herdsmen cow to celebrate New yam festival in Edo State. On Sunday 24th of september,It was reported that some men i...
Man killed for killing herdsmen cow to celebrate New yam festival in Edo State. On Sunday 23th of september,It was reported that some men in Amendokhian village of Uromi, In Edo State. Slaughter a big cow left behind by fulani herdsmen.The three men whose names have been withheld for security reasons. Meet the cow in their farm. The men with their joint effort slaughter the cow in their farm. They took some of the parts home.But when coming back hey bbrought somethings to carry the remaining parts of the cow. When the herdsmen arrivedat the spot where the cow have be slaughter they went and call some of their colleagues. Then hide inside the bush to wait for the three men.Immediately they saw the men coming they rush and attack the man that was in front andstab him on the neck.they caught off the hand of the man that was behind him but he still manage to escape with the other man who was at the back. The other man who was stab in the neck with his pool of blood struggle from the bush to his house. And he later died . The herdsmen have already left but left remaining parts of the cow. A day that was set for celebration became a day of mourning in Amendokhian village. While the deceased body have deposited at the mortuary. At moment of writting this report . The police in uromi are stull on investigation to find the true course matter.


Sir: The Registrar of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Prof Is-haq Olanrewaju Oloyede, has said many things about the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), including that “JAMB is not an examination body, rather, it is a ranking body”; “ JAMB is a screening body”; “It is a coordinating and clearing house”; “to rank already qualified candidates”. All of that suggests (indeed indicates) that UTME is no longer necessary. But then a caveat: “If there are enough spaces in tertiary institutions, there may not be need for UTME.” But UTME has been neutralized with some other statements of JAMB, since “The cut-off mark is not a pass or fail mark”, and admission depends on “one of many factors such as post-UTME (where applicable), O’ Level results scoring, etc”. When JAMB set 120 as cut-off mark, many Nigerians were protesting that it meant 30% is taken as pass mark, and that it was too low, and that JAMB was out to lower the already low or falling standard of education. JAMB came out to explain that tertiary institutions were free to set its own cut-off, but not lower than 120. Some other people argue, justly, that JAMB has neutralized UTME, for making 30% to be pass mark. With all of the foregoing, where is the place of UTME again? I heard a tertiary institution asking prospective applicants to come with or without UTME but the requisite five credits. That is not objectionable in itself, but a categorical statement (not perambulating) from JAMB is imperative. Whether “there are enough spaces in tertiary institutions” or not, UTME, as it stands currently has been justly neutralized, and putting prospective tertiary education applicants through unnecessary UTME hassle, particularly at this critical moment of economic hardship, is unacceptable. It is not UTME that makes JAMB a clearing house “to rank already qualified candidates”. Candidates become “already qualified” or not, based on “O’ Level results scoring” and screening/test by the admitting institutions. JAMB should therefore reconsider its position and give UTME an honorable and befitting burial. SCHOOL RUNS

Phyno Penis Raise on Stage

Phyno had a serious sexual urge on stage While Performing On Stage In Lagos (See Fans Reactions) Nigerian singer Phyno performed last weekend at GloMegaMusicTour held inFestac,Lagos .While performing,his manhood was obviously standing. The photo has gone viral with Nigerians especially ladies reacting to the ‘gigantic mansion’ Phyno has got.S Please drop your about this

Bitcoin Information

What makes a Bitcoin Currency Exchange perfect and makes the platform worth well we are considering 5 factors for a perfect Bitcoin exchange platform. 1.Privacy 2.Reliability 3.Fees 4.Trading Volume LocalBitcoins The Localbitcoins only acts as a middleman as it states the facts in its privacy policy the main motto of this platform is to make sure the transaction is taken place without any problems and the platform provides an easy interface to do the transactions it is impossible to trace the buyer making it the best platform for privacy and furthermore they don’t charge any fee at all but there are some limits of the trading volume on the website. Kraken The Kraken is considered as the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges and also considered as the most secure crypto currency exchanges to this date but you need to complete the two steps of the verification process. VirWox VirWox requires its users to register on their website but when creating an account it asks for Email, First and Last name and nationality, VirWox assures its customers that it will keep the user data encrypted. It takes around 2.0% to 3.9% of Tax per transaction and limits you to transfer only 10,000 at most. Paxful Considering the fact that Paxful works similarly to LocalBitcoins, it is no wonder that their account creation and verification processes are relatively simple.Despite the fact that Paxful is a relatively new service, it has already gathered a decent sized community. A fee set by every individual seller which can go anywhere from 0% to 100%. CEX.IO As with most other centralized exchanges, CEX.IO requires its clients’ personal data in order to trade Bitcoin freely.Like with VirWoX, there is a distinct difference between “maker” and “taker” users. While no fee is required of “maker” users, “taker” users have to pay a varying percentage fee it has no certain trading volume set.


Microsoft has included its own version of Antivirus called the Windows Defender and encourages its users to use it. The Antimalware Service Executable is a part of the Windows Defender’s Background Process. The program runs under the filename of MsMpEng.exe and it is a part of the Windows OS. It is responsible for Checking Files if they contain the bits of malicious code in them and performs background system scans and sandboxes the Applications if they are suspected. you can configure windows defender to perform scans using the Antimalware Service Executable. If you notice the Antimalware Service Executable process utilizing a large amount of CPU or disk sources, it’s likely scanning your PC for malware. Like other antivirus tools, Windows Defender performs regular background scans of the files on your computer. It also examines files when you open them, and automatically installs updates with data about new malware. This CPU utilization could also symbolize that it’s installing an update, or that you just opened a specially large file Windows Defender needs some additional time to investigate. Windows Defender generally makes background scans only while your computer is idle and isn’t being used. However, it may still use CPU resources performing updates or scanning files as you open them, even while you work on your computer. But the background scans shouldn’t run while you’re using your PC you can disable it if you want but we are not recommending to do that since it provides the necessary security checks for your PC.

Best VPN that's secure

This isn’t just a thing of
going to and
In order to get a look at
it, you’ll require
particular software and a
special browser. The Tor
Network and its assigned
Tor Browser is apparently
the most popular of those,
though there are some
including I2P and Freenet
Using Tor formerly
remembered as The Onion
Router create layers and
layers of encryption, Tor
ensures the security of
traffic by routing it within
a chain of secure relays
that anonymize data.
These relays are operated
by many Tor Project
Volunteers throughout the
world who provide their
server bandwidth.
Consider of it as a chain
of safe houses: You
progress into
underground tubes that
move on the tracks of the
streets above, and you
rise up at anywhere you
need using safe houses
provided by fellow
network users.
But with connections on
the darknet generally, just
alphanumeric sequences
of nonsense think of
asdflkj.onion which is
very hard to know what
you’re getting.
It’s essential to learn that
Tor isn’t prohibited
software, just as
torrenting software
doesn’t perform anything
criminal till you use it for
sharing pirated movies.
Tor maintains a lot
of “normal people” use its
network, as well as
civilian journalists,
whistleblowers, law
enforcement agencies
and, according to Human
Rights Observation,
Chinese protesters. Tor
estimates that only about
4 percent of traffic over
its network is for hidden
services or dark websites
the rest is people using
regular internet sites with
greater anonymity.