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Learn How Make Breast And Butt Enlargement Cream (Online Training)

Learn How Make Breast And Butt Enlargement Cream (Online Training) | Classes and Courses for sale in Ikeja 1
You will Learn How to make the following; • Boobs Enlargement oil • Boobs enlargement Mask • Boobs Enhancement cream • Boobs enhancement oil • Flat tummy mask • Flat tummy cream • Butt enlargement cream • Butt enlargement oil • Butt enlargement cream I will strongly recommend you pause any thing you are doing right now to read this information for 3 minutes. What you will learn in these few minutes will change your life. Do you know that the beauty industry is a multi billion naira industry? Let me prove it to you according to statistic . 99% of women uses cream, Over 77 percent of Nigerian women — the highest percentage in the world — use skin-lightening products on a regular basis, according to the World Health Organization. What about you ,think of how much you spend on cream,oil,soap and scrub yearly ? If you can spent that much, imagine you having only 20 people buying from you weekly an average of cream worth This is just with 20 average customers and for just one product Imagine How Much You Will Make Because I Will Be Teaching You Over 160 Special Skin Products You Can Make Easily With this training you can comfortably call yourself a professional perfect skin care therapist because you will learn from an expert with 7 years experience This is what you will learn how to make Module 101 1.Understanding your skin and other’s skins 2.Knowing the ingredients needed 3.Knowing bad ingredients 4.Understanding the basic cream principles 4a.How to choose product for different skin type. 4b.Vitamins for skin care Modules 102 How can make the following 4.Base cream 5.Body butter 6.Stretch mark cream 7.Half caste cream 8.Whitening cream 9.Mango body butter 10.Chocolate cream 11.wrinkle cream 12.Anti-aging cream 13.Lightening/Brightening cream 14.Night face cream 15.Day face cream 16.Oily skin cream 17.Dry skin cream 18.Baby glowing cream 19.Body cream for children 20.Black skin cream 21.Chocolate skin cream *Lotion* 22.Egyptian milk whitening lotion 23.Luminous Lightening lotion 24.Exfoliating & moisturising lotion 25.Kneel & Elbow lightner Soap* 26.Shower gel 27.Egyptian body milk & body wash 28.Moisturising scrub 29.Stretch mark scrub 30.Complexion scrub 31.Baby soap 32.Baby shampoo 33.Body wash whitening 34.Papaya soap 35.Bridal special soap 36Herbal Body Treatment Soap 37. 7-days lightening soap 38. Collagen body scrub 39. Toning black soap 40.Dark underarm scrub 41.Black soap Module 103 *Oil* 42.Body peeling oil 43.Breast firming oil 44.Half caste oil 45Fairness serum 46.Stretch mark oil 47.Orange oil 48.Carrot oil 49.Coconut oil 50.Almond oil 51.Avocado oil 52.Night glow serum Facials 53.Face cleanser 54.Under eye cream to remove dark circles 55.Face Primer 56.Carrot moisturising facial mask 57.Avocado moisturising facial mask 58.Papaya peel face mask Hair 59.Natural hair cream 60.Hair oil 61.Hair breakage 62.Hair shampoo 63.Kids shampoo Module 104 Natural Remedies For: 64.Pimples 65.Scars 66.Eczema 67.Stretch 68. Dark spot in thighs 69.Dark spot in the armpit 70.Dark spot around neck 71.Dark spot in kneel and elbows 72.Stretch 73.Dark spot in thighs 74.Dark spot in the armpit 75.Dark spot around neck 76.Dark spot in kneel and elbows Module 201 Advance Promixing/Supper Half Cast Kits 77.Arabian glow whitening milk 78.Papaya whitening lotion 79.Glutax whitening lotion 80.India glow lightening lotion 81.Glow and shine cream 82.Lightening face cream 83.Pimples face cream 84.Body spot remover cream 85.Pimples cleanser 86.Whitening body polish 87.Skin glow body scrub 88.Collagen body scrub 89.Lightening oil 90.Pimples eradicator soap 91.Knuckles eraser soap 92.Knuckles cleanser 93.Herbal cream for bleached skin 94.Fair lady mix 95.Skin glow nite cream 96.Whitening cream 97.Extra whitening black soap 98.Moroccan oil 99.Talking oil 100.Egyptian oil 101.Bright & glow oil 102.Repair oil 103.Face cream 104.Pink lips balm 105.Egyptian whiten oil 106.Moroccan soap 107.Melt & pour whitening/ lightening soaps 108.Lightening oil 109.Whitening oil 110.Sunburn cream 111.Egyptian lotion 112.Moroccan lotion 113.Luminous lightening lotion 114Dark thigh fader 115.Whitening body wash 116.Toning milk 117.Rejuvenating serum 118.Whitening black soap 119.Pink lips balm 120.Morrocan whitening lotion 121.Hot chocolate lotion 122.Fair lady mix 123.Herbal cream for bleached skin 124.Sunburn treatment 125.Whitening body polish 126.India glow lightening lotion 127.Skin glow herbal soap 128.Skin toning herbal soap 129.Extra white oil 130.Stretch mark cream 131.Whitening face cream 132.Skin lightening body butter 133.Whitening melt N pour soap 134.Lightening soap pour soap 135.Glutax whitening lotion 136.Papaya whitening lotion 137.Hot chocolate cream 138.Hot chocolate face cream 139.Luminous lightening lotion 140.Lightening face cream 141.Collagen body scrub 142.Lemon fresh soap 143.Rose water toner 144.Whitening body wash 145.Massage oil for emotional well being and sensuality 146.Massage oil for relaxation of body mind, sleep and pain relief. 147.Green tea extract 148.Top 10 essential oils for skin care Modules 301 149.Honey butter cream (honeymania lotion) 150.Organic eye cream 151.Natural sunscreen( for better protection) Modules 401 152.Super halfcast lotion 153.Super halfcast shower gel 154. Super halfcast oil 155.Super halfcast face cream 156.Super halfcast scrub 157.Super whitening facial wash 158.Super whitening facial cleanser 159.Swiss milk lightening/whitening lotion 160.Swiss milk lightening/whitening body wash 161.Swiss milk lightening/whitening cleanser 162.Swiss milk lightening/whitening face cream 163.Swiss milk lightening/whitening scrub 164.Swiss milk lightening/whitening oil Bonus • Training Manual on whatever we learn in each of the classes • Practical video Videos Tutorials • After Classes/Training consultations • You will join the 6 months mentorship program • List of places in every states you can buy the chemicals Special Bonus For First 10 Persons For Our First 10 To Pay Their Fees Will Get Our Ebooks & This Course For Free. 1. How to make the following; • Boobs Enlargement oil • Boobs enlargement Mask • Boobs Enhancement cream • Boobs enhancement oil • Flat tummy mask • Flat tummy cream • Butt enlargement cream • Butt enlargement oil • Butt enlargement cream 2.Enjoy your sex life for married ladies and keep your man You will learn the following; Kayan mata training for women ,learn how to make natural • Attraction perfume • Scented wood for household • Effective breast enlargement recipes • Sex sweetener combos • Dry vaginal remedies • Seat bathe herbs for v-tightening&moisture • Natural butt enlargement recipes • Infection remedies • Sex booster drinks • Pregnancy Prevention • Sex sweetener powder • Dry vaginal remedy • Vaginal Tightening • Vaginal odour • V fluid booster • Ado dun NOTE: Kayan mata: It's the most common herbs Hausa women use in keeping their men. Literally, kaya means property & mata means woman in the Hausa language. Some women say sex without kayan mata is like cooking without spices. It makes men enjoy it and such men can promise their women anything because of the pleasure they derived, And always ask for more, (kayan maza) is for men Seminar Details Date: 1st- 3rd July 2017 Venue : (whatsapp Group or Facebook Group) You will choose one Time: 7pm daily Seminar Fee: (Payment after 30th June 2017) Early Bird: (Pay before 30th June 2017) How To Attend This Seminar Step One Make Payment to The company bank account Request for Bank Account You call or whatsapp us on +234********* Or Step Two Go to Our facebook group or Whatsapp Group to post your prove of payment Click here to join our whatsapp group click here to join our facebook group In case you think you don’t have money but you seriously want to learn Invites 2 persons to attend and get a free ticket for yourself Think about it: where else are you going to get all this in one place at this price? Every knowledge you'll ever need to build your cream making business is right here Don’t delay at all because my team are not happy am giving all this information this cheap. If you decide to delay and not pertain in this training ,next time you will pay double of the price because we will not give it again this cheap You call or whatsapp us

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